About Wegmans Complements

At Wegmans Complements our commitment to you is simple:  Every Day You Get our Best.

This digital marketplace of special artisan-crafted items reflects our passion for the best in entertaining and gifting; these are items that we would be proud to give and would love to receive.

In our travels, we find wonderful additions to this finely curated collection. Our selections represent the best in design, style, quality or are the best-performing and highly regarded in their category. We’re sourcing from around the globe, but also supporting local artisans from communities we serve.

These items are so exclusive and in such a limited supply, we cannot stock them in our stores—so if you see something you love, we urge you to put it in your digital cart. We’re so glad this digital marketplace lets us share our selections with friends, families, and you! 

We’re only getting started, so artisans and shops will change and evolve as you let us know what pleases you the most. You’ll find we’ve made a space for your comments and feedback right in our marketplace. Feel free to suggest your favorite artisans for us to look at—we’re always searching for exciting new items.

We are most grateful to you for your trust and your loyal support of Wegmans and hope you enjoy this new offering, which we have put together with heart and soul.